Proven Steps to Reduce Depression. Part 1

1). Avoid isolation:Resist the temptation to self isolate or withdraw socially when depressed. Surround your self with positive people who can support and encourage you. Invite some friends or family members over to cheer you up. Figure a way to get out of the house even if it means requesting people to give you a ride outside your home environment.

2).Explore new things: It is time to engage in new things, pick up a new hobby , enroll and learn new skills, write a new song, learn a new sport, cook a new recipe, volunteer in an area of interest , plant a new flower.This channel your thoughts, focus and energy away from your negative emotions.

3)Have a to do list: When depressed there is a tendency to get overwhelmed with day to day routine activities or forget to execute things we plan to do . Writing things down and checking them off your list helps to keep you organized in performing those tasks.The new sense of achievement helps to bolster self confidence and self esteem which typically takes a nose dive when depressed .

4) Exercise: This increases your overall health and your sense of well-being.It also reduces stress by burning out Cortisol hormone associated with stressful situations (anger, fear, depression and anxiety) that inflames and damages the organs in our system. Regular exercise of 30-60 minutes each day stimulates the pituitary gland to produce endorphins a chemical that helps us feel good about our selves, reduces pain and clears mental fogginess. Additionally working out the muscles generate energy which can also reduce the lethargy associated with depression.

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