Proven Steps to Reduce Depression. Part 2

5) Pamper yourself: It is time to do something for yourself demonstrating an act of kindness or love . This helps to negate the feelings of worthlessness or self hate feelings often associated with depressed feelings. Take a long steamy bath, lie down in a Jacuzzi,listen to soothing positive music ,get a hair cut, do your manicure or pedicure ,smell flowers,buy your self a small appreciation gift to celebrate you. 6) Sleep: Adequate sleep of 7- 8 hours each night is an important part of a healthy life style.Avoid the exhaustion ,irritability ,fatigue and negative mood feelings associated with sleep deprivation.Get more sleep and improve your mood ,memory and energy level . 7) Nutrition : Recent evidence suggests good nutrition is essential for our mental health.Eating small balanced meals throughout the day will keep up your energy level and reduce negative mood feelings or mood swings. Avoid highly processed sugary refined foods, a diet high in red and processed meat often associated with poorer mental health outcomes. Instead eat more green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and drink more water. 8) Seek professional help: A Psychiatrist or Psychotherapist can provide you with pointers to some behavioral and cognitive modifications to expedite your recovery from depression. Additionally a psychiatrist will conduct a thorough evaluation and recommend some specific medications that can help boost the feel good chemicals produced by the brain. These are chemicals which help us feel good about our selves. Often times these chemicals are depleted in depression.

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