Effective Management of Bipolar Disorder

1) Radical acceptance of diagnosis: Receiving the diagnosis of bipolar disorder, initially, could be quite devastating. The immediate response of most people is to be in denial or reject the diagnosis. Acceptance enables us to seek the right treatment and adhere to it. This increases your chance of achieving better and sustained control of the condition.

2) Medication: Medication is an important part of bipolar disorder treatment. Mood stabilizers are the group of medications usually prescribed to effectively manage the mood swings of a person with bipolar disorder. It is common for individuals with bipolar disorder to decide to discontinue their medication without discussing it with their physician. They may stop because of unpleasant side effects or because they are feeling better. However, it is vital that you continue to take your medication as prescribed. Not taking medication only makes symptoms return and puts you at greater risk for relapse and multiple hospitalizations. It is important to discuss all your concerns about your illness and medications with your psychiatrist, who will look for the best ways to address those concerns and ensure you continue your treatment.

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