Stay Happy and Not Depressed

Happy people embrace the following habits:

1) Gratitude: This reduces feeling of envy, makes us nicer and helps us bounce back from stress.

2) Forgiveness: We’ve all been hurt by words or actions of others. Learn to let go of grudges and bitterness. Choose forgiveness, compassion and understanding.

3) Do not associate happiness with external factors: Avoid tying your self-worth to external signals. This could vary as the weather.

4) Failing forward: Accepts struggle and discomfort as evidence of making progress and achieving growth rather than a sign of failure.

5) Buy experiences and not material things: Experiences trump physical items, which wears off quickly. Experiences can be relieved for years.

6) Avoid debt: Overwhelming debt distresses us and robs us of our joy and happiness.

7) Positive relationships: This enhances our growth and provides support during tough times.

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