Suicide Prevention

Understanding and Preventing Suicide

According to World Health Organization, approximately 1 million people die each year from suicide. What can be the reason why so many people are ready to take their own lives? Common reasons that often leads to suicide attempts are exposure to traumatic events or life stressful situations which includes but not limited to following reasons.(terminal medical health conditions ,chronic pain ,divorce, death of loved ones, financial losses loneliness etc ),impaired judgement while under the influence of mood altering substances(alcohol and street drugs). A suicidal person is some one who is in so much pain that he/she finds this to be the sole best option. Depressive disorder can also lead to suicidal thoughts. That person feels, isolated, alone and hopeless which causes him/her to take this extreme step. People suffering from Bipolar disorders are also prone to high depression and suicidal thoughts. Most people do want to find a solution for their pain rather than committing suicide, but they just don’t see one right before the act is committed

A suicidal person may not ask for help but that doesn’t not mean help isn’t required by that person. Do you know that most people who commit suicide do not want to die; instead, they just want to stop hurting themselves. Suicide prevention starts with recognizing the warning signs and taking them seriously. If you ever think any of your friend and family members are having thoughts about suicide. You need to take action immediately.Offer them support,understanding and talk about it openly .Finally assist them to seek professional help. This can SAVE someone’s life!

Warning Signs

People who commit suicide give certain signs, if these are understood carefully, their life can be saved.

• Talking about suicide: such as “I wish I would die soon” or “I wish hadn’t been born”

• No future hope: feeling helpless or hopeless, thinking nothing can be better now.

• Saying goodbye: unusual goodbye by visiting friends and family. Saying to everyone that we may not meet again

• A sudden sense of calm: people suddenly get calm and happy after getting depressed. This can mean that person is ready to commit suicide.

. Writing notes about suicide

Suicide Prevention Steps

Step 1: Speak about it openly

The best way to find out whether a person is suicidal or not is to talk about it. Try to be extremely polite while asking question including “I have noticed certain changes in you”, “I am feeling concerned about you lately, etc

Step 2: Respond quickly

If you find someone to be actively suicidal with plans . It is time to either call 911 or drive the person to the nearest emergency room for further evaluation. and management . If they are not actively suicidal but have vague wishes of wanting to die.You can help them seek confidential support and help by calling National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800-273 8255) or ensure they seek immediate help from a mental health professional (psychiatrist ,psychologist or therapist) . Remove all the dangerous equipment that person has and DO NOT leave the person alone. Do all you can to prevent some one you know from committing suicide.Every life is precious and worth the effort.

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