Our clinic restricts our treatment panel to a limited number of pre-qualified patients. This program accepts only patients who are serious about overcoming opiate addiction. We do notassume general medical care of Suboxone patients. 

Uninsured patients must adhere to strict cash payment policies. Privately insured patientsmust provide confirmation of coverage for treatment prior to acceptance. To register, pleasecomplete Step One.


Step One:


  • Read the entire packet.

  • Return 3 completed forms (5 pages total) to our office.

  • You will be contacted by phone before your acceptance.


Step Two:


  • If accepted, call our office at 706-410-1202.

  • Schedule your first appointment with prepayment registration of $400 by cash or credit card for self pay patients.  If you have insurance, we will verify your eligibility for this program, and co payments are due at the time of service where aplicable. 

  • Plan for a driver to accompany you to the first appointment.


Step Three:


  • Arrive IN WITHDRAWAL for your first appointment. Allow 3 hours for your visit.

  •  Urine drug screen and alcohol test charges of $35  will be billed to you (payment due at the time of service )

  • Fill your prescription at the pharmacy.


Step Four:


  • Return for two follow-up visits as scheduled.

  • Participating in our monthly suboxone group is a mandatory condition to continue with the program

  • Schedule an appointment two weeks later with a prepayment of $120 or confirmation ofyour insurance coverage.

  • Plan to schedule monthly maintenance visits thereafter, each with a prepayment  of $120 for self pay patients .For those with insurance co payments are due at the time of service 

  • Outstanding balances must be paid prior to scheduling, including co-pays, co-insurances,and deductibles.

  • If a visit is missed, return to Step Two. You will be required to reapply for acceptanceinto the program. Re- acceptance is not guaranteed. Prior missed appointment fees must be paid before reacceptance.



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