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Psych Consultants offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment for psychiatric conditions, medication management & Brief Psychotherapy.


Our treatment goal is not only to reduce or eliminate your psychiatric symptoms , but to return our patients to function and improve their overall quality of life. In addition to working closely with each individual patient, we maintain close contact with referring doctors and case managers, keeping them informed about their patients’ progress and condition.


We offer effective, customized treatment plans for these and other psychiatric -associated conditions.

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Depressive Disorders


Stress and physical pressure mostly results in depression, however it is important not to ignore that fact that depression sometimes could be a sign of a physical disorder. The feeling of depression is understood to originate in the reticular activating system of the lower brain.


A common depression treatment is psychological therapy. Counseling or talk therapy can help one improve sleeping, eating, and personal concerns that might be play a role in one's depression symptoms.


Anxiety & Panic Disorders


The most effective form of therapy for most anxiety disorders is cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. In CBT, sufferers are coached to reframe their thinking about various anxiety-producing triggers. As an individual learns to change her or his thinking patterns, the fear about a situation can be alleviated and even eliminated all together.


Breathing exercises and personal relaxation techniques are also often used in CBT.

Adjustment Disorders - Life Changes



Adjustment disorders can stem from life altering or situations effects that create a sense of panic or depressive behaviors that are based soley on those changes of which trigger reactive issues mentally that through treatement can be lessoned and restore a sense of balance and contentment in your life.


This can be a recurring disorder that with ongoing treament is manageable.


Bipolar Disorders


Once a  diagnosis of bipolar disorder is made, a comprehensive treatment plan is typically created for the patient, especially if the disorder is seriously interfering with the person's life.

Patients with an appropriate treatment plan can live normal, happy lives. Those who believe that they need help with a mental health condition should consult a psychiatric professional.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders


If you suffer from OCD, you may not realize that your obsessions are not reasonable. You may also notice that ignoring them or trying to stop them only increases your distress and anxiety. Therefore, performing these compulsive acts is the only thing that eases your stressful feelings, however temporarily. Since the bothersome thoughts and urges still return, this leads to ritualistic behavior and the vicious cycle that defines OCD.

PTSD / Victims of Abuse,

Assualt & Trauma


Intense PTSD results from having experienced chronic, prolonged exposure to a traumatic circumstance, feeling as though you’ve lost a coherent sense of self, safety, trust and self-worth. One feels a sense of continually being re-victimized. If you have these symptoms, you may be suffering from complex post traumatic stress disorder and a professional treatment program can be very helpful. Psych Consultants complete PTSD treatment program addresses the full spectrum of PTSD symptoms.


Schizophrenia /

Schizoaffective Disorders


Schizophrenia disease is not determined by genetics ... only influenced by it. While schizophrenia causes runs in families, about sixty percent of schizophrenics have no family members with the schizophrenia disease. Moreover, patients who are genetically predisposed to schizophrenia disorder do not always develop schizophrenia, which shows that biology is not destiny.

Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity


There is no complete cure for ADHD. However, ADHD symptoms can be greatly reduced by carrying out different treatments based upon the different signs and symptoms that a person is exhibiting.


Most people are diagnosed with ADHD as early as two or three years or age, and it continues into adulthood. While most people are able to focus on the disorder better as they get older, it can be a struggle throughout an entire life. Many of the symptoms worsen when there is additional mental effort required to complete a task.


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